Standard performance of elements:

  • Design of the duct elements enables the careful installation of air handling ducts of leakage classification B – C according to ČSN EN 12 237. 
  • Joining of pipes and fittings is carried out by flat lock seam joint, standing seam joint, lap seam and subsequent spot welding, riveting and welding.
  • The flange is made by four lats and relevant corners. In case of tight mounted flange, it is mounted to the body of pipe or fitting by pressing machine with thread app. 100 -150 mm or by spot welding.
  • Sheet metal electrogalvanized with layer of zinc 275 g/m2 which can be proven by manufacturer´s certificate. Welded points are secured by zinc spray or corrector from the aesthetical and anticorrosive reasons. 
  • Fittings are made tight by putty (acrylate).
  • Duct elements are designed for plugging joining to each other or by means of flanges.

Other design options:

  • Other material (stainless steel)
  • Requirements for tightness
  • Specially adjusted fittings
  • Surface finishing (RAL colour standard)