Standard performance of elements:

  • Design of the duct elements enables the careful installation of air handling ducts of leakage classification B – C according to ČSN EN 12 237-
  • Sheet metal electrogalvanized with layer of zinc 275 g/m2which can be proven by manufacturer´s certificate. Welded points are secured by zinc spray or corrector from the aesthetical and anticorrosive reasons. 
  • Joining of pipes and fittings is carried out by flat lock seam joint, lap seam and subsequent spot welding, riveting and welding.
  • Fittings are made tight by putty (acrylate).
  • Duct elements are designed for plugging joining to each other or by means of flanges.

Other design options:

  • Other material (stainless steel)
  • Requirements for tightness
  • Specially adjusted fittings
  • Surface finishing (RAL colour standardBesides SPIRO ducts we also provide production of square, welded ducts or SPIRO ducts.