We are dealing with production and complete delivery of air handling ducts and fittings including attachments.

Most often we supply products for:

  • air intake/exhaust
  • exhaustion
  • filter exhaustors
  • air filtration
  • air supply for ACs
  • building ventilation
  • heat recovery ventilation
  • material transfer
  • fume hoods for welding etc.

We are producers of air handling equipment with a long tradition. Besides production and supply we also take care of quality assembly of air handling equipment at destination. Our experienced employees also take care of installation. 

To better imagine the product we are happy to make initial design which will be discussed in details with you. Your comments and demands will be welcomed and granted. Based on your project we will provide for you technical solution with our price offer.

We care aboutquality of the used material, thus you can be sure that our products are processed from the materials of the highest quality.

To make our production more effective, we are trying hard to improve our production processes. We use modern technologies, which help us to achieve accurate results.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you with the most suitable solution for you.